Building Completion Program​​


Your future home is one of the most rewarding decision you ever made, especially if you were the one constructing it, according to your designs that meet your future aspiration.

We at Abdul Latif Jameel offers a building completion program that affirms our mission to provide you with flexible and pioneering financing solutions which wave any financials difficulties, and meet your expectations to provide you with your future home. With us the process of getting a home is simpler than ever, and for a period of funding that can reach up to 10 years.

Financing Features
Terms And Documents Required
No down payment required
Certified by Shariah Board
Up to 2.5 million SR
Up to 10 years funding period (120 Months)
Availability of an Optional solidarity of husband and wife or a relative of the first degree with the client
No salary transformation is required
Availability of early repayment
Consideration of other income (if any) to increase funded amount
Financing to Government, private, sector’s employee, as well as business owners
Exempting heirs from paying the remaining installments in case of death or permanent disability (God forbid).
The property should be within urban areas
The size of the land should be 200 square meters or more
The age of the property shall not exceed 3 years from the beginning of construction
Completion of at least 20% of the construction work
The property should be without any legal burdens or legal proceedings (mortgage, heirs, etc.)
The property should be owned and registered in the client's name in advance
The property must have an independent instrument