Ijarah Home

Buying a house, whether an apartment or a villa, could be one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make. It's a tangible asset that lasts and a home that takes care of your family. It provides more than shelter and brings with it memories. 

However, buying a house can be complicated. It goes beyond just choosing between the types of real estate. There are several critical factors like financing costs, quality of service, procedures, and the fine print, which need to be considered. A wrong decision could affect you in many ways. 

Thankfully, with Abdul Latif Jameel United Real Estate Finance Co. the process is simpler than you think. Our house financing program, which allows up to 15 years financing period, makes it all within your reach. 

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Home Finance Benefits
  • Joint ownership possibility of husband and wife or first-degree relatives.
  • No guarantor is required.
  • Salary transfer is not required.
  • Fare early payment system.
  • Full credit for sources of income.
  • Finance all types of employees: government, private sectors, and self-employed.
  • Full property and life Shariah-compliant insurance.
Home Finance Requirement
  • The property shall be for the purpose of housing and not investment.
  • The property should be within the urban growth boundaries.
  • Property to be free of any legal burdens or litigation.
  • Age of the property must not exceed 2 years for apartments & 10 years for villas.
  • Copy of building permit.
  • Copy of location of the property.
  • Copy of Seller ID.